Reconciliation is a place where the garbage in our lives can encounter the mercy of God…

The sacrament of Reconciliation, also known as Confession or Penance, is celebrated at St Paul’s Parish every Saturday in the church from 5pm – 5.30pm and each Tuesday from 5.15 – 5.45pm (during Adoration).

Additionally, the communal celebration of the sacrament (2nd Rite) is celebrated before Easter and Christmas.

  • A Night of Mercy in Lent will be held on Friday 23 March 2018, at 7pm
  • A Night of Mercy in Advent will be held on Thursday 13 December 2018, at 7pm

First Reconciliation

The minimum age for this sacrament is a child in Year 3. Our Parish runs a joint First Reconciliation/First Eucharist program. This means that all children in Year 3 and above will be able to receive both of these sacraments in the same year. In 2018, Reconciliation will be celebrated during term 2 (early May – late June) and Communion in term 3 (August – September).

Parent Information Nights (where enrolment forms and additional information are distributed) are advertised in advance, through the schools and the Parish Bulletin, and attendance at preparation classes is compulsory.

2018 program

  • Any family who wish for their child or children to make these Sacraments in 2018 need to collect an enrolment form at any weekend Mass on the enrolment weekend. The minimum age to receive these sacraments is a child in Year Three. Older children are also welcome.
  • These forms need to be filled in and brought to the Parent Information Evening. You may only pick up a form for your child. No one will be permitted to pick up a form for another family or child.
  • If you are unable to collect a form before the Parent Information Meeting, you can collect a form and return it during Mass on the next weekend.
  • The combined cost for both Reconciliation and First Communion Programs is $50. (Twins are $80)

Parent Information Evening

  • Sacramental Program for 2018:
  • NB: All families who are presenting children for these Sacraments MUST be represented at this gathering where important details about the Sacraments will be given to families. If not present at this meeting, their child will not be able to receive the Sacrament this year.
  • Children Receiving Baptism
    Information Evening for families who wish their child/children to make their First Reconciliation and/or First Holy Communion BUT whose children are not baptised or have been baptised in a Christian church other than Catholic. This evening is in addition to the Parent Information Evening above.

Ceremonies: Various ceremonies will be offered in late June and early July 2018. You choose which ceremony you prefer. A limit of eight candidates per session (four for the standard parish sessions). The following dates and times will become active links to an event booking after the Parent Information Session.

  • Dates and sessions for Reconciliation will be advised during the program.

* These are standard parish sessions which are open to other parishioners